MRSC Rosters is dedicated to providing a service that abides by State equitability requirements, so the Business Membership offers two ways to complete the application.

Business Membership

  • Select to appear on as many public agency rosters as desired
  • Select multiple Public Agency Rosters by county grouping
  • New Public Agencies within the selected counties automatically added to account
  • Expedited customer service
  • Access to the Quick Renew option

Free Option

  • Select to appear on up to 9 public agency rosters
  • Select one Public Agency Roster at a time and repeat process for each additional
  • Free


Business Membership Fee Scale

The Annual Membership is based on the Roster Types you select.

Type of Roster(s) Selected Membership Fee (Annual)
Small Work Roster
or Vendor Roster
Small Work Roster
and Vendor Roster
Type of Roster(s) Selected Membership Fee (Annual)
Based on number working in WA
Consultant Roster
$75 Sole proprietor/ 0 employees
$230 1-30 employees
$460 31-75 employees
$720 76-150 employees
$1000 151-499 employees
$1300 500-999 employees
$1560 1000+ employees

A free version available for Small Works and/or Vendor Rosters with limits.
If the fee for any of the rosters is a barrier, please reach out to us at, and we will find a solution to make MRSC Rosters work for you.