There are specific eligibility requirements for businesses to work with Washington Public Agencies. As part of the registration process, MRSC verifies that Businesses meet the minimum requirements before they are listed. Below are the State requirements based on the Roster Legislation. More information about the roster statutes can be found in the Contracting Resources section.

All Businesses
(Small Works/Consultant/Vendor Rosters):

Construction Related Businesses
(Small Works Roster):

  • Contractor’s License
  • Professional Licenses ( e.g. Electrical License)
  • Bonding
  • Cannot be debarred from working on public works projects
  • Employment Security # (if have employees)
  • Pay Prevailing Wages
  • L&I Contractor Training

Professional Consulting Businesses (Consultant Roster):

  • Professional Licenses (e.g. Engineering License)
  • Statement of Qualifications

MRSC Rosters requires the following for a business application:

  • WA Unified Business Identifier Number (UBI#)
  • Federal Tax ID#
  • Statement of Qualifications
  • Contractors License # (if applicable) & Expiration Date
  • Employment Security # (if applicable)
  • Any Professional/Specality License information or Certification # (if applicable)

MRSC Rosters verifies the following information for all new or renewing businesses:

  • Active UBI #
  • Active contractor’s license (small works only)
  • Active workers’ comp account (for businesses on the small works roster with employees)
  • Not debarred from working on public works projects (small works only)
  • If completed the L&I Contractor Training, exempt from training, or have not completed the training (small works only)