When a public agency chooses to join MRSC Rosters, there are a few transition steps that should be addressed prior to using the service.

1. Announce Transition to All Staff

Announce to all staff that you will begin using MRSC Rosters, that use of any previously maintained rosters should be discontinued, and that MRSC will begin posting the annual Legal Notice on behalf of the agency.
Download the Staff Announcement Template

2. Notify Businesses

If you have been maintaining Rosters, then as of May 1st/December 1st, you should notify your businesses of the transition and that they must re-apply for your rosters by either selecting your public agency in their already established MRSC Rosters account or by creating an MRSC Rosters account, and selecting your public agency within it.
Download the Business Notification Template

3. Update Roster Information

As of May 1st/December 1st, you should discontinue providing previous roster applications and instead direct interested businesses to the MRSC Rosters website.
Download the Website Roster Information Template

MRSC Rosters Logo

Incorporate the MRSC Rosters logo into your transition outreach.