What is MRSC Rosters?

MRSC Rosters is a Small Works, Consultant, and Vendor roster service of MRSC, a nonprofit organization that supports Washington local governments in efficiently procuring services and goods from businesses when using a roster contracting process. Businesses conveniently register with any or all of the participating public agencies with one, renewable application.

Where are the jobs posted on MRSC Rosters?

There are not any project opportunities posted in the MRSC Rosters. Like any roster process, public agencies contact businesses directly about opportunities.

How do participating public agencies use MRSC Rosters?

When a participating public agency has a project and chooses to use a roster process, they log in to their account, search by service category, and then generate a list of businesses who have registered with their agency and selected the category they are searching for. From there, the agency follows their contracting procedures to select businesses and, in most cases, they contact businesses about the project opportunity via email. MRSC has no involvement in the business selection or the contracting process and any project inquiries are directed to the public agency.

How often do public agencies use MRSC Rosters?

Participating public agencies use their hosted rosters the same amount as if they maintained them independently, so the rates and type of usage are specific to the agency. MRSC does not have any involvement in their contracting, so we do not track their usage.

Why don’t all local governments use MRSC Rosters?

Washington cities, counties, and special purpose districts have different contracting processes and project needs, so some agencies may determine that their internal resources are sufficient for maintaining their own rosters, they may choose to not maintain rosters, or their agency may not be authorized by statute to use a roster process.

I see our business name listed in the Registered Businesses, so why can’t a public agency find me on their roster?

The public agency cannot find you in their roster because you have not selected that public agency, the service category they searched and/or you have not met the eligibility requirements to be listed. The Registered Businesses list is not a roster, it simply indicates, which businesses are listed on at least one public agency roster within the system.

How much does it cost to join MRSC Rosters?

Learn more about business pricing.

I already submitted a paper roster application to the public agency, but now they joined MRSC Rosters. Do I have to apply to MRSC Rosters?

Yes. Businesses are required to apply within MRSC Rosters to be listed with participating public agencies. Previously submitted applications are not automatically transferred.

I am registered in MRSC Rosters, why can’t a public agency find my business?

The public agency cannot find your business because you did not select that public agency or the service category they searched and/or you did not meet the eligibility requirements.

I heard about a project, why wasn’t I contacted?

Either your business was not registered with the public agency at the time of their solicitation or the public agency decided not to contact your business based on their contracting procedures. Contact the public agency directly to inquire about project solicitations.