Public Agencies use the MRSC Rosters database to search for Businesses registered on their Rosters, select Businesses to contact about projects, and then retain appropriate roster contracting records.

1. Search the Rosters

Public Agency Members log in to their MRSC Rosters account and search by service category to generate their individual roster of Businesses who have registered with them.

2. Select Businesses to Solicit

Following their internal agency contracting procedures, the Public Agency determines which Businesses to solicit about the roster opportunity.

3. Retain Roster Records

Once the Public Agency has determined who to contact, they print the generated Business list for records retention purposes. Depending on internal policies, they may need to additionally print the individual Business Applications. Businesses are constantly added and removed from the Rosters, so it is essential that documentation is retained at the time of the search.

Once the Public Agency has determined who to solicit and retained appropriate records, they contact businesses outside of the MRSC Rosters database, usually via email. MRSC has no involvement in how Public Agencies select businesses or how they follow their internal contracting procedures. Any inquiries about roster projects will be directed to the Public Agency.

Regarding Federal Funding

If your project uses any federal funding, you must follow both state and federal competitive requirements, using the most stringent standards of the two. We strongly recommend that you work closely with your granting agency and obtain, in writing, a concise but complete description of all the requirements for that particular grant. Please note that federal standards are more stringent than state statute (see Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 200) in some circumstances. Careful review of federal thresholds is strongly recommended for all projects.